Chabad of Midtown Manhattan spearheads an array of charitable, humanitarian and educational programs impacting thousands since 1996. Located in the heart of Midtown at the “crossroads of the world,” local residents, business people and visitors from all over participate in our programs and events. It is a virtual United Nations, welcoming people from every corner of the globe. At Chabad, everyone feels welcome, regardless of affiliation or background. We at Chabad are innovators who believe in the innate value of every individual. At Chabad each person can find something educational, spiritual and heartwarming to make their lives more meaningful. 

Rabbi Joshua Metzger - Executive Director
Mrs. Brocha Metzger - Co-Director
Rabbi Asher N. Webb - Kollel Director
Rabbi Levi & Perel Shmotkin - Chabad Young Professionals
Rabbi Noach Heber - IAT Law and Chabad Relief NYC
Rabbi Shmuel Metzger - Chabad Beekman-Sutton
Mrs. Raizy Metzger - Chabad Preschool
Binyamin Dubroff- Administrator
Yudel Rader- Office Manager
Sarah Perel Metzger- Women's Events Coordinator